WOW Jude 
Start Afresh Facial cloth


How does it work?

wow Jude facial clothis a revolutionary new product that is proudly manufactured in South Africa and removes your make-up with WATER only

NO chemicals or soaps added or required. 

The wow Jude facial clothis ultra soft on the skin and made out of a polyester blend. It removes all makeup, from waterproof mascara, eye liner, lipstick, mud masks and even face paint. Soak the towel well in water and watch the magic happen.

wow Jude facial clothis a re-usable facial cloth that you can throw into the washing machine every couple of days and when washed, no stains will remain.

Women spend hundreds each year on products just to remove make-up from their skin. Whether it's face wash, lotions to be applied by cotton pads, or facial wipes. 

The wow Jude facial clothwill not only save you money, but change the way you think about make-up, and removing it. It's convienient and easy to use, and lasts and lasts and lasts!


Why the wow Jude facial cloth is highly recommended... 

It's 100% chemical free:

Don't wait to be kind to your skin? Start today !!!!

How to use it:

·      MACHINE WASH your towel before use,

·      Wet your towel in warm water and ensure that it is well soaked,

·      For effective removal of mascara, soak your eyelashes with your towel for 10 seconds,

·      In a circular motion, gently wipe the makeup away,

·      Rinse by hand after use and machine wash every couple of days.

·      Have fun and relax!

How to wash it:

·      MACHINE WASH your towel before use

·      Machine wash your towel when necessary, every 3-4 days

·      Do not tumble dry, leave to air dry .